Waiting customers about the token numbers

It is particularly helpful at remote locations where standalone solar panels are used for power generation. Frequent power outages and load shedding have little effect on the system giving it added advantages. E. Real-time information display. The unique feature of the system is the real time information display system. The lcd display provided updates the waiting customers about the token numbers being served across all the stalls. The customers are thus required only to keep watch of this single display instead of queueing system continuously monitoring all the three stalls. Also, the display gives out message regarding time out sessions. The number of customers served in between each session can be easily programmed. Additional information can be provided by programming the micro controller as required.


Implemented in medium crowd environment

The downside is that the application of this feature is limited by the programming knowledge of the operators. Vi.conclusion a novel intelligent system for quick and efficient management of queue with three stallscounters and up to a hundred customers serving in a single session has been designed. The system was tested and studied in an environment similar to public places and the performance of the system has been analyzed. Figure shows the miniature model of the designed system. The proposed system may seem simple in design but it has wide range of practical applications in our daily lives. The system brings about quick and easy management of queue with very little cost and can be successfully implemented in medium crowd environment. The low power requirements and easiness in configuration greatly enhances the portability if the system enabling it to be used with battery queueing system software for sufficient amount of time.


The reliability of the system can be enhanced by future modifications and the cost can be further brought down by mass production. Future modifications includes ability to automatically call visit here out token numbers using loudspeaker and increasing the total number of customers handled to a thousand using three seven segment displays for each counter. The number of stalls could be increased beyond three to further improve the effectiveness. Ability to enter desired token number manually issn print: –issn online: –international journals of advanced research in electrical, electronics and instrumentation engineering vol., issue, maycopyright to ijareeie www.ijareeie.comcould increase reliability under emergency circumstances and the real-time information delivery system could be improved upon to deliver dynamic news and information. Medical trust hospital, a -bed multi-specialty acute-cumcritical care referral hospital, is one of the most well queueing system software equipped and premier hospitals in south india. Since inception in, the hospital has come a long way with the commitment and passion of over, dedicated health care professionals, comprising internationally acclaimed doctorssurgeons and efficient support staff, and world-class facilities.

A Leaked Technique For queueing system software Revealed

Providing personalized patient-centered treatment and care, support and services, we uphold high ethical standards while breaking new grounds in the field of health care and medicine. Medical trust hospital now has a world-class medical complex integrated with the best of all infrastructure and medical expertise, to cater to the needs of international and local patients with equal passion. Grandtrust info tech grandtrust infotech is an information technology service provider located at cochin, india– a subsidiary of grandtrust overseas pvt. Ltd, which was established more thanyears ago. With expertise in an array of technologies, grandtrust offers wide range of it products and services tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers around the globe. Grandtrust has the following product: cost and contract management solution g-coms o aviation route profitability solution g-rps o aviation budgeting solution budget+ o aviation erp solution editor o manufacturing o services o distribution o retail token management system tms o service intensive industry? Hospital?


Bank business intelligence dashboard o across verticals content management system o across verticals erp solution latex erp o latex based products manufacturing we provide the following services: consulting software development o onside o offshore staff augmentation challenges faced by mth in patient flow management medical trust hospital is one of the busiest hospitals in kerala. The patient traffic during peak queueing systems hours is very high; this leads to problems in multiple levels. Having a host of diagnostic and lab services further worsens the problem. The problem faced in patient flow management at mth was multilevel, which are. For the registration clerks being the first point of contact with the patient flow, the major chunk of the problem is faced by the receptionists.

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